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It has taken a few YEARS, but Studio Atelier will be re-activated in a couple of months. We have moved from our home of over 30 years and are beginning to settle into our new place. It's going to take several weeks to get my studio set up, and believe me it's long overdue. I can't wait to get warmed up and painting on several pieces that have been in limbo for months.

I hope you are having fun with your art. I'll be back in September.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Abundance of Berries

Helen Eaton
Sylvia Young
Jean Nelson
This month's inspiration photos (there are two) were taken from one of those accidental still lifes that caught my attention.  At the market, I could not resist these organic fruits - strawberries and blackberries.  After washing them thoroughly (even though they were labeled ORGANIC), I set them out onto paper towels to dry.  I thought the sunlight on them made an interesting dynamic, so I snapped a few photos.  Paint all of the berries, or just do a portrait of one...

Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat, Too
I did adjust the lighting some in "Ready to Eat" so that I could see more detail in the shadows.  As you can see, the light paper towel picks up the blues and reds of the berries that also create purple-to-red-purple hues.

By the way, those blackberries were the sweetest, most delicious I have ever tasted!  Yum.

Remember to follow the "Rules of the Road" on the right and send me your images as an attachment to your email.  The June challenge will be posted on Sunday June 10, 2012.  Thanks to everyone who participates, and good luck.   Happy Painting!

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